How to Cut the Eaten Leaves Off Hostas


Known for their lush look in shaded areas of the garden, the leaves of hosta plants can be deep greenish blue to lime green in color, sometimes with variegated edges showing strips of white. While they are a joy to look at and fill space nicely, snails and slugs may be enjoying them as well. If you've noticed nibbled hosta leaves, remove the damaged leave as soon as possible to improve the look of the plant and lessen its vulnerability to disease.

Step 1

Single out a nibbled leaf. Clutch the damaged leaf in one hand while holding back the rest of the leaves with your other hand.

Step 2

Release the chewed leaf while continuing to hold back the healthy leaves. Clip the eaten leaf with the shears as close to ground level as possible without removing the stalks of other leaves.

Step 3

Extract the clipped leaf from the hosta and allow the healthy leaves return to their natural positions.

Step 4

Continue to separate, clip and remove all of the nibbled leaves until the job is complete.

Step 5

Collect and discard all of the eaten leaves.

Tips and Warnings

  • Be sure to discard the removed leaves into the trash and not into compost pile to avoid the spread of disease.

Things You'll Need

  • Garden gloves
  • Clean pruning shears


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