Flowers for April

As winter's layer melts away, bright flowers peek out as the first sign of spring and respite from the cold winter months. Grown in dozens of varieties, spring-blooming flowers have unusual shapes, colors and textures to create a vibrant landscape presence. Oftentimes, spring-blooming flowers require full sun and well-drained soil to flourish. Tucked along a garden wall or lining a bed or border, flowers in April are a warm welcome to the garden.


Anemone (Anemone coronaria) are April-blooming spring bulbs that light up the garden with their bright colors. Anemone blooms have a low-growing, clumping growth habit and are a wide range of colors including, red, white, purple and yellow. Ideal nestled along a rock garden or flower border, anemone flowers are cheerful welcome to the garden. Growing 10 to 12 inches tall, anemone blooms have a single or semi-double flowerhead. They prefer full sunlight and well-drained, moist soil to thrive. The USDA hardiness zones for planting are 7 to 10.


Narcissus (Narcissus 'Intrigue'), a variety of daffodil, have a moderate growth rate and clump-like growth habit. Emerging in April, narcissus intrigue light up the landscape with their bright blooms. The unusual and fragrant flowerheads on narcissus intrigue have bright yellow segments or petals with a pure white cup that is scalloped, making for a striking contrast. Growing 1 to 3 feet tall, narcissus intrigue are ideal planting along a garden walkway or grown in a cutting garden for long lasting fresh-cut blooms. Deer and frost tolerant, narcissus flowers are hardy plants that require deadheading, or removing spent blooms to promote a long flowering season. Narcissus intrigue requires full sun to partial shade and well-drained soil. Zones for planting are 3 to 9.

Dutch Hyacinth

Dutch hyacinth (Hyacinthus orientalis) emerge in April to last through the beginning of summer. Dutch hyacinth flowers have fragrant blooms that grow in clusters along a single stalk. Growing 8 to 12 inches tall, Dutch hyacinth flowers are grown in a wide range of colors including, red, pink, orange, blue, yellow, purple and mauve. Tucked within a flower container or lining a perennial bed, Dutch hyacinth flowers attract butterflies and bumblebees to the garden. Dutch hyacinth flowers require full sun to partial shade and moist, well-drained soil, although they tolerate some summer drought. Planting zones are 4 to 7.

Persian Buttercup

Persian buttercups (Ranunculus) are bright, bold, spring-blooming flowers that emerge in April to last into summer. Persian buttercup blooms have multilayered, crepe thin petals that are grown in a rainbow of colors like red, pink, gold, white, yellow and mixed colors, where more than one color is swirled together. Persian buttercups make long lasting fresh-cut flowers that keep their color for weeks. The upright stalk that grows 12 inches tall holds up the bright flowers. Persian buttercups prefer full sun only and well-drained, moist soil. The zones for planting are 7 to 10.

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