Types of Bridal Flowers

Bridal flowers, or the flowers put in a bride's bouquet, enhance the bride's beauty and are meant to accentuate the colors and styles of the affair. Wedding bouquets are made up of several flower varieties, depending on the theme and color scheme of the event. So many different types of flowers are used in the creation of a bridal bouquet. From roses and lilies to baby's breath and exotic orchids, wedding flowers come in a variety of shapes, sizes, colors and scents.


An exotic bulb flower, amaryllis adds a touch of intrigue to a bridal bouquet of fresh or silk flowers. The colors of the amaryllis range from varying hues of yellow, orange and red to vibrant and romantic shades of pink, purple and blue. Alternatively known as the belladonna lily or the naked lady, amaryllis presents itself as a truly remarkable sight when introduced to a wedding bouquet. The flower is symbolic of pride and poetry, making it a romantic and inspiring flower of choice.

Baby's Breath

With varieties such as showy and dainty, baby's breath varies in size, texture and color. Ordinarily, baby's breath appears in bouquets as a filler, to provide garnish to the more intricate and bold flowers of the wedding bouquet. Baby's breath symbolizes happiness and cheer, making it an ideal flower to hallmark a memorable occasion such as your wedding.


An herbaceous evergreen flower, the daisy represents innocence, loyalty, love and tenderness. Daisies of all varieties make for excellent undertones to a grandiose bouquet of large, fluffy carnation flowers and roses when used as a wedding bouquet. Colors of daisies vary greatly from bright white to eggplant with virtually every color in between.

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