How to Lay Centipede Sod


Native to China and Southeast Asia, centipede grass was first introduced in the United States in 1916. It is a warm-season, crawling grass that grows in a variety of soils, including sandy and clay. Grow centipede sod for a quick, albeit costly, cover as opposed to planting by seed and waiting for it to germinate and grow. Make sure that the sun-loving grass will grow in your area as it suffers from winter damage even in the mildest climates.

Step 1

Clear the site of rocks, stones and debris. Remove weeds by hand, or use a commercial herbicide if they are widely distributed, two weeks before laying sod.

Step 2

Till the soil to a depth of 5 or 6 inches, using a tiller, to break compacted soil and aerate it. Add 50 lbs. of lime and 10 lbs. of fertilizer for every 1,000-square-foot area. Cover with 1 inch of compost. Till the area again to ensure the conditioners go deep in the soil.

Step 3

Add water to a lawn roller and go over the site to reveal low spots. Fill them with good-quality topsoil so they are in line with the surrounding soil.

Step 4

Water the site with water the night before you lay sod until the soil is evenly moist, so the sod adheres to it better.

Step 5

Lay sod first on the longest and straightest side of your lawn. Place it over a corner and unroll it completely. Spread the adjacent roll flush against the first roll's edges. Make sure the seams are tight with no visible gaps.

Step 6

Stagger adjacent rows to break up seams in the lawn. Cut sod strips to size with a hatchet or shovel to fit irregular areas.

Step 7

Run a lawn roller filled with water over the newly laid sod to ensure the roots make good contact with the soil. Water the sod down to an inch immediately, using a garden hose, and continue watering it once every morning for two weeks, until the sod establishes itself.

Tips and Warnings

  • Spread a tarp over any plants you do not want to kill with herbicide.

Things You'll Need

  • Commercial herbicide
  • Tiller
  • Lime
  • Fertilizer
  • Compost
  • Water
  • Lawn roller
  • Garden hose
  • Hatchet or shovel


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