How to Prevent Upside Down Tomatoes From Breaking


Growing upside-down tomatoes makes sense for many gardeners. If you lack garden space and enjoy growing vegetables in containers, upside-down gardening is a newer twist on the old standard container growing. Prevent upside-down tomatoes from breaking by pruning them carefully. When you remove some of the stems from the upside-down plants, you create a stronger and more energized plant that will produce more and bigger tomatoes.

Step 1

Allow the upside-down tomato plant to grow freely in the planter until you begin to see blossoms on the vines.

Step 2

Remove 1/3 of the entire plant. Clip off the side branches where they intersect with the main tomato plant stem. As you remove one-third of the entire plant, stagger the stems you choose to remove so the plant remains even on all sides.

Step 3

Cut back the longest stems by 1/3. Remove 1/3 of these stems to leave 2/3 of the stems continuing to grow in the plant.

Things You'll Need

  • Pruning shears


  • Harvest to Table: How to Prune a Tomato
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