Types of Irish Flowers

The country of Ireland is made up of various habitats that each have their own distinctive flowers. Most of Ireland's wildflowers grow in the Burren region of western Ireland with about 70 percent of the native Irish flowers growing there, according to Burrenbeo.com. Of Ireland's 27 native orchid species, 22 are in the Burren region. Some of Ireland's native flowers can also be found growing in Britain and other regions of northern Europe.

Early Purple Orchids

The early purple orchid has pink or white spikes of flowers and a wavy darkly-spotted patch in its center. This flower has upright side sepals and can grow in both neutral and calcareous (containing calcium or limestone) soils. It's commonly found growing along roadsides, woods, grasslands and limestone pavements. These orchids generally grow in small groups. In the Burren, early purple orchids are mostly in the white form and are less frequent in eastern and northwestern Ireland.

Wood Anemones

Wood anemones are fragile white flowers with yellow stamens. These flowers bloom from February through April and are native perennials to Ireland. Blue flowers of this species are found in the Cappoquin, which is in County Waterford, Ireland. They have basal leaves and long stalks with a whorl containing three leaves on a stem. Wood anemones grow in slightly moist soil in road banks, streamsides and woods. They can also be found along riverbanks and covered slopes in eastern Ireland, but they are scarcer in central Ireland.


Honeysuckles are native Irish wildflowers that flower from June through September and produce fruit from August to October. These flowers are pink, yellow or white and need sunlight to flower. Leaves are grayish-green and stalked in an oval to lanceolate or spear-headed shape. They carpet grounds in dry woodlands and can grow almost 20 feet high, according to the Irish Wildflowers website. Honeysuckles are mostly found growing in woods and hedgerows, but can also be found on mountains and coastal rock-faces. Red berries from honeysuckles are poisonous.

Eastern Gladiolas

Eastern gladiolas are purple or red funnel-shaped flowers that grow in counties including Dublin, Cork, Wexford and Waterford. They grow in various habitats such as seas-cliffs, stream banks, dunes, road banks and waste grounds. These flowers bloom from late May through August and are perennials. Eastern gladiolas have basal leaves shaped as swords that enclose the lower portion of the flower stem.

Marsh St. John's-wort

Marsh St. John's-wort is a pale-yellow flower that has red dots on its sepals. It has erect flower stems and leaves that are shaped as ovals. This flower has wooly-hair and grows in wet peaty or damp soils. Although it's normally found in shallow water, sometimes Marsh St. John's worts are terrestrial. It's mostly found in western and southwestern Ireland.

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