Ideas for Sympathy Flower Arrangements

Sympathy flower arrangements are sent to the home of a recently deceased person's loved ones and relatives. If someone you know has died, it is polite to sent a sympathy arrangement. Sympathy arrangements need not all consist of large showy displays or white calla lilies. Think of the deceased person's life and draw your inspiration from that.

Small and Elegant

If the deceased knew many people, it is likely that the family will be inundated by large, fragrant arrangements. Buck the trend and go for something small and elegant instead. A single flower, especially if the flower is the deceased's favorite, along with a thoughtful card, could mean more to the family than you realize.

Bright and Joyful Daisies

Gerbera daisies aren't usually associated with funerals and sympathy arrangements, but sending a display of daisies to celebrate the life of the deceased can show how you felt about the person who died and what they brought to your life.

Living Plants

Instead of an arrangement, show your sympathy through a live plant. Choose an easy to care for plant, such as a bamboo plant, if the recipients don't have a green thumb. As pretty as orchids are, relatives may not enjoy watching a commemorative plant grown in honor of their loved one cease flowering and die if they aren't able to properly care for it.

Location-Specific Flowers

If the deceased had a particular part of the world that they loved visiting, whether that place was just down the road or half a world away, giving an arrangement with plants and flowers that are commonplace in this area is a thoughtful gesture.

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