Cheap Flower Arrangement Ideas

Whether you have flowers in your garden that you want to bring indoors to create an attractive display or you want to purchase flowers to create a fresh look indoors but don't want to spent a lot of money, you have plenty of options that won't break the bank. Besides an attractive vase or container and flowers, you'll only need some sharp scissors. If you want to take your arrangement to the next level, obtain floral foam, tape and wire.

Pomander Ball

If you have a lot of similar blooms in your garden, you can make a flower pomander ball with the aid of a spherical floral foam ball which you can obtain for less than $5. Cut the stems from the blooms, leaving about an inch or stem. Dampen the florist foam ball. Insert the flowers into the foam ball until you can no longer see the foam.

Non-Traditional Containers

Don't go out and buy a pricey vase for your arrangements. Raid your kitchen instead. Use clean, narrow rimmed glass bottle to hold a single bloom in style. Cluster a few wide blooms, such as carnations, in a teacup or a clear glass. Float blooms on water in a martini glass.


Dress up an unfinished-seeming display by tying a bow around the vase or even the stems themselves. Less than a foot of cloth ribbon can make the difference between a professional looking and amateurish arrangement.

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