Which Vegetables Grow in Partially Shaded Areas?

As you plan the layout of your garden, you may find areas that seem ideally situated for gardening in every way, except that they don't get full sun. Although you might be tempted not to use those areas, many vegetables will grow well in parts of your garden that are partially shaded.


Many types of lettuce actually grow better in partial shade than in full sun. Hot sun, especially in areas with high sun and heat indexes, can scorch a number of lettuce plants when the sun reaches its hottest peak in the afternoon. In fact, Mother Earth News reports that some types of lettuce grow exceptionally well under a number of different shade covers. Shade covers reduce sun intensity by about one-third and help prevent scorching of tender, young lettuce plants. Types of lettuce suitable for partial shade include leaf, romaine, crisphead, butterhead, and stem (or asparagus) lettuce.


Although beets may grow larger in full sun, they also grow very well in partial shade. As such, they are an ideal candidate for the parts of your garden that don't get full sun. Your beets will do best in well-draining, light soils that don't have a lot of large stones. Water your beets on the same schedule as your lettuce and other garden crops. Don't allow the ground to dry out. In addition to the root vegetables, beet greens are also edible as a green, leafy vegetable.

Brussels Sprouts

Brussels sprouts are very forgiving vegetables that will grow in almost any soil. Although Brussels sprouts will grow in full sun, they actually grow better in partial shade. Brussels sprouts can grow tall, up to 2 to 3 feet, so don't grow them in front of other plants that may need full sun. Avoid windy areas that can cause the plants to top over as they become more top heavy.

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