How to Cut Back a Calamondin


Gardeners with limited growing space or who live in regions where it freezes over the winter often grow calamondin citrus trees. Calamondin trees are smaller citrus trees that may only grow to mature heights of 8 feet. Because of this smaller size, you can plant them indoors or or grow them outdoors and move them inside over the winter months. Calamondins do not require extensive pruning. Cut back a calamondin in the late winter while the plant is still dormant to control size and remove old growth.

Step 1

Examine the calamondin tree in late winter just before the tree breaks dormancy and begins to grow again. Look for branches that appear dead, diseased or broken or branches that are crossing other branches and rubbing against them.

Step 2

Prune off branches you found in step one with the pruning loppers. Make the cuts at the point where these branches intersect with the next largest branch. Cut the branches off cleanly with the loppers.

Step 3

Prune the ends of the active branches with the pruning shears to encourage these areas of the tree to grow full and lush. Remove just the tips (approximately 1 to 2 inches) with the pruning shears and you will notice these branches react with vigorous and bushy growth when the tree breaks dormancy.

Step 4

Cut back upper branches on the tree to the first intersecting point if the tree is growing past the height you desire.

Things You'll Need

  • Pruning loppers
  • Pruning shears


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