How to Polish a Rubber Tree Plant


Plants absorb light and turn it into energy and nutrients to grow. Dirty leaves block out light and stunt plant growth. Additionally, dirty plant leaves take away the beauty of decorating with rubber tree plants in your home. Whenever dust builds up on plant leaves, it is time to clean them. Monthly polishing of plant leaves stimulates plant growth and adds luster to the rubber tree plant. Approximately 10 minutes of care is all that is needed to clean and polish a rubber tree plant.

Step 1

Move the rubber tree plant to a location that makes it easily accessible from all sides and is in good light.

Step 2

Fill the lint-free cloth rags with water. Squeeze both until they are damp.

Step 3

Cover the palm of one hand with one rag. Place this hand under the leaf of the rubber tree plant. Lay the second damp rag on top of the same leaf. Place your second hand on top of the second rag. Press together. Gently pull the rags across the rubber tree plant leaf from the base of the leaf to the tip. This will clean both leaf sides simultaneously.

Step 4

Examine the leaf. If dust or dirt remains repeat the previous step.

Step 5

Rinse both cloth rags. Wring again. Repeat to clean each leaf of the rubber tree plant.

Step 6

Pick up the cheesecloth. From the top of the plant, lift the leaf. In a back and forth motion, rub the top surface of the leaf. Repeat with all the leaves. Do not polish the underside of each leaf.

Tips and Warnings

  • Avoid using commercial polishers on rubber tree plants.

Things You'll Need

  • Rubber tree plant
  • 2 lint-free cloth rags
  • Water
  • Cheesecloth


  • Oregon State University Extension Service: Don't forget to clean house plant foliage
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