How to Compost a Box Board Garden


Compost adds nutrition to soil in which plants grow. It gives back organic materials that are absorbed by the plants growing and it loosens heavy and sandy soils that are in extra need of nutrition. Composting a box board garden doesn't require the need for a compost bin and makes recycling kitchen scraps easier.

Step 1

Start the preparations for your compost area toward the end of the growing season. Remove dead or dying plants from the box board garden, and either chip them in a plant shredder or chop them up with a garden hoe. Return the pieces of plant material back to the box board garden.

Step 2

Spread the shredded plant material throughout the planter with the hoe, making sure to evenly disperse it throughout the soil.

Step 3

Dispose of your kitchen waste in the box board full of soil and plant clippings. Items such as egg shells, coffee grounds, tea bags, vegetables and fruits make excellent composting ingredients. Avoid using meats, cheeses, breads and items containing yeast because they cause fermentation, which attracts pests and creates a horrible odor.

Step 4

Keep the kitchen waste in a mound in the center of the box board garden. Cover it with some of the area's soil.

Step 5

Spread a sheet of thick black plastic over the top of the box board garden. Anchor the edges of the plastic down with cinder blocks, boulders or other heavy objects to keep the plastic from blowing off the top.

Step 6

Allow the compost heap to cure during the winter between gardening seasons. Stir the compost with a shovel once a week to bring the bottom to the top of the pile.

Step 7

Mix the compost and soil in the box board garden during the first week of the next growing season. Use a garden hoe to evenly distribute the compost throughout the enriched soil of the garden. Dispose of the plastic sheet, and proceed with your normal gardening plans.

Things You'll Need

  • Garden hoe
  • Shovel
  • Thick plastic roll (8 feet by 8 feet)


  • Ohio State University: Composting Fact Sheet
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