How to Replant a Yucca Palm


The yucca palm is a southwestern U.S. native palm, and it thrives in bright sun and sandy soil. Yuccas have tough, sometimes sharp palms that can get as long as 2 feet, and the plant itself can grow as tall as 10 feet. While yuccas thrive in the warm sun and sandy soils, you can also grow them indoors. If you have a yucca palm that needs to be put in a different location, whether in your yard or house, it can be transplanted. Even though yucca palms are not fond of relocating, you can replant a yucca successfully if you follow a few simple guidelines.

Replanting Outdoors

Step 1

Choose a spot for the yucca palm that gets full sun and has good drainage.

Step 2

Dig a hole that is twice as wide as the current root system and at least 6 inches deeper.

Step 3

Fill the bottom of the new hole with at least 6 inches of a 50-50 sand and soil mix, as yuccas prefer loose, sandy soils. Sand is available at any lawn and garden center or nursery.

Step 4

Fill the hole with 2 inches of water and allow it to drain.

Step 5

Put on garden gloves and move your yucca palm into its new hole. It is best to do the actual transplanting in the early morning or late evening to help avoid transplant shock.

Step 6

Fill the hole in with more 50-50 sand and dirt mix, and tap the dirt down over the roots of the yucca so that it settles well.

Step 7

Water your yucca palm every other day, making sure the ground gets moist but not soggy. You only need to water for about two weeks, until the roots begin to establish themselves in their new location.

Replanting in a Pot

Step 1

Put an inch of stone or gravel in the bottom of the pot. This is more for the benefit of preventing the plant from tipping over than it is for good drainage.

Step 2

Fill the pot half full with a 50-50 mix of sand and potting soil.

Step 3

Put on your gloves and gently remove the yucca palm from its current pot and set it down into the new one. Gently spread the roots out as you do so.

Step 4

Fill the remainder of the pot with a mixture of sand and potting soil. Pack the soil down tightly around the root system.

Step 5

Water well, but do not over-saturate the soil. When the yucca is first transplanted, you need to make sure that the soil is moist but not wet.

Tips and Warnings

  • Yucca palms can be sharp and tough, so you may want to have heavy-duty garden gloves or work gloves.

Things You'll Need

  • Shovel
  • Sand
  • Garden gloves
  • Potting soil
  • Water
  • New pot
  • Gravel or stone


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