How to Change a Spool on a Weed Trimmer


Spools for many weed trimmers are available with trimmer line already on them. You can change the spool on a weed trimmer and save yourself the trouble and frustration of winding new line around an existing spool. The weed trimmer spools simply snap in and snap out, making replacement a quick process. You can purchase replacement spools for your weed trimmer at home improvement centers and hardware stores.

Step 1

Place the weed trimmer on its side with the fuel filler pointing away from the ground. Disconnect the spark plug wire from the spark plug by twisting the boot left and then pulling up with your fingers.

Step 2

Grab the tap button on the center of the spool with your fingers and pull the button away from the spool. The tap button is the button you tap on the ground when feeding line. If necessary, use a pair of channel lock pliers to grab the button.

Step 3

Lift the spool out of the spool housing. Check for damage to the spring that sits between the spool and the housing. If the spring is bent, lift it away from the center of the spool housing and replace the spring when you replace the spool.

Step 4

Place the new spring over the center of the spool housing. Set the new spool over the housing and insert the ends of the line through the line holes in the side of the housing.

Step 5

Press the spool into the housing until it snaps into position. Place the tap button into position and push down until it locks in place. Reconnect the spark plug wire to the spark plug.

Tips and Warnings

  • Always disconnect the spark plug wire from the spark plug prior to performing maintenance on your weed trimmer.

Things You'll Need

  • Channel lock pliers
  • Replacement weed trimmer spool
  • Replacement spool spring


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  • Weed Eater: Owners Manual
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