How to Treat Lawn Fungus


Several different types of fungus can grow in your lawn during the spring and summer months. Perhaps the most notable of these is mushrooms. When you see mushrooms, you can be certain that you have a fungus problem. If the fungus is not removed, and conditions are not improved, the fungus problem will get worse. Not only will this cause your lawn to become unattractive, but the health of your lawn will be at risk.

Step 1

Remove any food sources from your lawn. Fungus thrive on animal waste, rotting wood, and mulch that hasn't been changed out in awhile. Removing these items will take away the fungus' food source so that it cannot continue to grow.

Step 2

Water your lawn much less than usual. Fungus grow in lawns where the soil is moist. Drying out the soil will kill the fungus, and keep it from multiplying. Instead of watering your lawn a little each day, water it once per week. Don't water it at all if you had a decent amount of rain during the week.

Step 3

Remove the mushrooms by hand whenever you see them sprout up. This will not kill the fungus in the soil, but it will stop the spread of the spores. It will also protect your pets and children from picking and eating any of the mushrooms. Some of these mushrooms can cause harm when eaten.

Step 4

Apply a nitrogen fertilizer to your lawn. This causes decomposition rates to increase which removes the fungus's food source. Use 1 pound of fertilizer for every 1,000 sq. ft. of land that you need to treat.

Step 5

Treat your lawn with a fungicide. This is the slowest method because one dose of fungicide is often not enough. You have to give your lawn several treatments before you see an improvement. Always follow the mixing and application guidelines on the particular fungicide you purchase. Generally, you mix the fungicide with water and then spray it over your lawn. You must typically do this once every two weeks for a period of six weeks, or until all of your fungus has disappeared.

Things You'll Need

  • Nitrogen fertilizer
  • Fungicide


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