Comparing Walk Behind Lawn Mowers


A lawn mower is an indispensable tool for maintaining your yard's health and manicured look. There are hundreds of lawn mower models on the market from dozens of different manufacturers. Knowing what criteria to compare and which features are desirable can help you narrow down your options and select the walk-behind mower that's perfect for you and your lawn.

Step 1

Choose a lawn mower engine technology. Most traditional lawn mowers run on gasoline. Environmentally conscious homeowners may prefer electric mowers, which have quieter engines that don't rely directly on fossil fuels. The mowing results for either are relatively comparable.

Step 2

Compare the lawn mowers' horsepower. The higher the listed horsepower, the more powerful the engine and the more capable it is for handling thick lawns and difficult tasks, such as mulching leaves or mowing wet grass.

Step 3

Inspect the lawn mowers' height ranges. The greater this range, the more you can customize the mower's trimming heights and the greater its ability to mow different types of grass species.

Step 4

Look for extra features. Budget models are typically strictly mowers, while more expensive models may have additional features such as mulching capabilities. The best choice varies according to how you plan to use the appliance.

Step 5

See if the mower has the ability to propel itself. Self-propelled machines drive forward on their own and only need steering, while push mowers need to be manually pushed as their name suggests. The former is much easier on the back and less exhausting to use.

Step 6

Check if the mowers are front-wheel-drive models or rear-wheel-drive. Rear-wheel-drive models are easier to use on sloped surfaces. If you only plan to mow an evenly flat lawn, this criteria of comparison is not important.

Step 7

Review where the lawn mowers have their bags. Rear-mounted bags are preferable to side-mounted bags which, as they fill, shift the appliance's center of balance to the side and make turning harder.


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