The Best Flowers for a Planter

Growing decorative flowers in containers and planter boxes allows you to maintain an ornamental garden without taking up a lot of space. Various flowers of all shapes, sizes, colors and foliage types exist wonderfully in planters. From no-fuss perennial blooms to exotic tropical flora, the flowers that can go into a planter are virtually limitless.

Blue Lace Flower

A winter hardy annual herb, the blue lace flower thrives in medium-sized planters on patios or in other outdoor environments. The blue lace flower grows in well-drained soil, making a peat-lined hanging basket an ideal container. It requires full sun in cooler climates and partial sun in hot, desert climates such as the southwest United States.


An herbaceous perennial, cosmos makes for a fuss-free planter family because it comes back every year with very little maintenance. Colors vary from bright white, yellow and red to vibrant hues of pink, purple and blue. Cosmos are drought tolerant and require well-drained soil. Their root systems are delicate and stringy, making them a great addition to a shallow planter of about 1 foot deep.


Dahlias come in a wide variety of colors, from pink, purple and blue to interesting variations of red, orange, yellow and many more. The blooms of the flower consist of several lush petals, giving the blossom a spherical appearance. Grown best in sunny environments with peat-enriched soil, the dahlia provides beauty and allure to a planter garden. These flowers attract bees, butterflies and hummingbirds as well.


Tulips, a traditional favorite in container gardens, provide an elegant touch of beauty to any environment. Tulip flowers require well-treated soil enriched with sphagnum moss, kitchen compost and plenty of moisture in order to produce attractive blossoms throughout the spring season. In planters, tulips provide shallow and wispy roots which accommodate to cramped spaces.

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