Reasons to Aerate and Over Seed Lawn

The key to a healthy, lush, green lawn is to perform routine maintenance on it. This does not mean just mowing your lawn and watering it, but also over seeding and aerating the lawn when necessary. The process of aerating is done in spring and is the process of putting many small holes into the ground for a variety of benefits, such as air circulation and to allow nutrients to seep to the grass roots. It can be done by hand or with a small machine. Over seeding is done in early fall, where a layer of grass seed is spread on top of the grass already present for a better appearance. It is important to know the reasons why you need to aerate and over seed, so you can understand what is best for your lawn.

Promotes Grass Root Health

Aerating helps encourage your grass to grow stronger and more quickly. When you aerate the ground, it provides fresh air circulation to the grass roots to make it more healthy. This also lets nutrients seep into the holes right to the root, so the necessary fertilizer, compost and water get deep into the ground.

Improves Soil Structure

In aeration, small plugs of dirt are removed every couple inches. This loosens up the soil and relieves compaction, improving the structure of it. It also aids in breaking down thatch.

Thickens Lawn

Over seeding a lawn is very beneficial when last season's lawn starts to fade or have several bare spots. It helps give the lawn an extra boost when the natural growing production slows down. When you over seed, it fills up any bare spots as well as thickens up the lawn to make a more lush, healthy appearance. More grass growing on the lawn deters weeds, insect damage and disease.

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