How to Water a Barberry


Barberry bushes come in a vast selection, from deciduous to evergreen. They are very hardy and well suited for many climates. Deciduous varieties are best planted in full sun, however evergreen varieties will tolerate partial shade. Barberry bushes require a moderate amount of watering. They do not like dry soil and in order to get them to produce quality fruit, it is essential to water a barberry bush--especially during periods where rainfall is lacking.

Step 1

Check the soil around the barberry shrub. Watering is required if the top inch of soil feels dry to the touch.

Step 2

Water for at least 1 minute per barberry shrub if watering with a hand nozzle.

Step 3

Use a soil moisture probe to check to see how far down the water has penetrated. You want the water to penetrate at least 12 inches into the soil to effectively reach all the roots of the barberry shrub.

Step 4

Use a soaker hose for watering if possible. It has a slower application rate, but deeper penetration ability since it doesn't allow as much runoff.

Step 5

Check the soil weekly and water as needed to keep the soil moist.

Things You'll Need

  • Garden hose
  • Water source
  • Soil moisture probe


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