Varieties of Corn Seed

Corn comes in an array of varieties, but a handful are the main staples of corn production in the United States. When choosing what type of corn to grow, it is important to take into consideration your region and climate, the soil and the amount of sun that is available. On top of that, make sure that the variety of corn you choose is suitable for what you want it for, whether it is for eating or to feed cattle.

Dent Corn

Dent corn obtains its name from the dented crown on the seed. This is one of the most common varieties of corn grown, with millions of tons of it produced every year. It can be used for animal or human consumption. It is a very starchy seed variety, and originally stemmed from an old variety grown by North American southeastern Indians.

Sweet Corn

Sweet corn is one of the more loved varieties for its delicious juicy sweet flavor. As a young seed, it is clear with jagged edges. It is commonly grown as a winter crop, usually in southern United States. The only difference between sweet and dent corn is that sweet corn has a gene that prevents an amount of sugar from being converted into starch.

Flint Corn

This corn seed variety is smooth with very little starch content. This was most likely the first corn that Europeans ever encountered, since it was used by Columbus.This seed variety is ideal for temperature regions since it germinates easily and matures earlier. It also thrives with little maintenance.

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