How to Spray Macintosh Apples for Insects


Macintosh apple growers must protect their orchards from a number of insects, including scale insects, aphids, mites, coddling moth and apple maggots. Various insects plague apple orchards at different times of the year, which means that a battery of different pesticides, oils and insecticidal soaps should be used to combat these pests. Spraying for pests is not difficult, but should be done with care to avoid harming the environment or applying the spray to other plants.

Step 1

Time your application of insecticide spray for the correct time of the year to combat insects. You should apply insecticide for aphids that overwinter on apple trees in spring before the trees produce blossoms, but you should spray a Macintosh apple tree in summer when fruit is on the tree to prevent infestations of coddling moth worm larva and apple maggots in the fruit.

Step 2

Select a pesticide that is targeted for the insect you wish to combat. You should treat Macintosh apple trees with a horticultural oil to eliminate scale insects. Aphids can be blasted from the branches of a tree using insecticidal soap. Coddling moths and apple maggots can be controlled using insecticide sprays that target these pests.

Step 3

Apply pesticides on days with no wind in order to prevent scattering the pesticide and to apply the chemical more efficiently to your Macintosh apple tree.

Step 4

Mix your pesticide according to the directions on the packaging. Pesticide mixing directions vary from chemical to chemical.

Step 5

Pour your pesticide into the holding chamber of a pressurized spray applicator. Pressurize the applicator by pumping the handle up and down.

Step 6

Grasp the holding tank of the sprayer in one hand and grip the wand applicator in the other. Grip the release valve to start the spray.

Step 7

Apply the spray to your tree using even strokes. Pass the spray wand over the foliage of the tree until the entire canopy is covered in spray.

Tips and Warnings

  • Always wear protective clothing and breathing protection when working with pesticides to prevent introducing the chemical into your body.

Things You'll Need

  • Pesticide
  • Pressurized spray applicator


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Who Can Help

  • University of Minnesota Extension: Integrated Pest Management for Home Apple Growers
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