How to Protect Evergreens in the Winter


Evergreens are stunning, especially during the winter while the entire rest of the ground is white with snow and nearby trees have become dormant. While evergreens may appear hardy to winter's most extreme conditions due to their green color, they can still be damaged by winter conditions, resulted in stunted growth during the next growing season.

Step 1

Protect your tree from sun scald by wrapping its trunk with a commercial tree wrap. Sun scald occurs when the sunlight warms the tree's trunk to a temperature that triggers it to begin growing only to then disappear and cause the tree's core temperature to drop too quickly. The result of this harsh condition is elongated, dried and cracked bark. To repair previous damage cut off the dead bark down to the tree's tissue in the spring.

Step 2

Prevent winter discoloration of evergreens that are placed on the south and southwest sides of buildings by constructing a burlap barrier of the south and southwest sides of the tree. Be sure to keep the top of the barrier open for added sunlight and air.

Step 3

Verify that you are not under or over watering the plants, as this puts added stress on them. The trees should be watered slightly less than in the summertime in September, as it encourages the tree to harden up for winter. In October until the ground is frozen over, water the tree more than in the summer to provide it with adequate nutrients for the frozen period. Begin watering again in spring.

Things You'll Need

  • Commercial tree wrap
  • Burlap barrier


  • University of Minnesota Extension: Protecting Trees and Shrubs Against Winter Damage
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