How to Plant a Jacaranda Tree


Native to Brazil, Bolivia and parts of Argentina, the jacaranda is a large deciduous tree that's part of the Bignoniaceae family. The jacaranda tree grows up to 50 feet tall and has fern-like, pinnately compound leaves that can reach lengths of up to 18 inches. The tree blooms during spring or early summer in clusters of showy, trumpet-shaped bluish blooms that are about 1 1/2 inches wide. About 50 different species of jacaranda trees exist, nearly all of which grow best in semi-tropical, tropical and desert-like climates.

Step 1

Choose a planting site that's in full sunlight and has well-draining soil that won't become soggy or waterlogged. Select a location that has plenty of room for the jacaranda to grow to its mature height and spread.

Step 2

Dig a planting hole that's twice the width and 1 1/2 times the depth of the jacaranda tree's root ball. Mix into the displaced soil some peat moss and coarse sand, so that you have equal parts native soil, peat and sand.

Step 3

Backfill the planting hole about one-third of the way with the displaced soil. Set the jacaranda tree's root ball into the planting hole so that the tree is standing straight upright.

Step 4

Backfill the rest of the planting hole with the displaced soil. Plant the jacaranda tree so that the top of the root ball is no more than 2 inches below the ground level.

Step 5

Water the soil around the jacaranda tree deeply and thoroughly down to the root ball, ensuring that the water drains through the soil easily.

Tips and Warnings

  • Don't plant jacaranda trees if you have a small yard. Also avoid planting jacarandas near or beneath overhead power lines.

Things You'll Need

  • Jacaranda tree
  • Shovel
  • Peat moss
  • Coarse sand
  • Garden hose
  • Bark mulch
  • Blanket


  • Desert Tropicals: Blue Jacaranda
  • Floridata: Jacaranda Acutifolia

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