How to Plant a Green Ash Tree


If you've ever seen drawings of "Main Street USA" cities with lines of trees that are planted in tiny holes in the sidewalk, you're already familiar with the green ash tree. Green ash trees thrive in soil with higher alkaline pH, such as soil near a sidewalk. They also grow well in compacted soils or soil pockets where their roots are confined. When planted, green ash take on a pyramid shape. As they grow, their foliage rounds out until they appear as a perfectly round mass of leaves atop a stem.

Step 1

Select a location for your green ash tree. The habitat of a green ash is in bottomlands, along streams and in wet woods. Because of this, it will tolerate poorly drained soil and partial shade. However, a green ash will also do well in full sun and well-drained soil.

Step 2

Purchase your green ash tree from a nursery. Green ash trees are available at most plant nurseries.

Step 3

Dig a planting hole that is twice as wide as the root ball, but no deeper than the root ball.

Step 4

Expose the roots of the tree by unwrapping its burlap bag or pulling the tree from its container. To pull the tree from a container, grasp the trunk with one hand, tip the tree on its side, and gently tap the container to release the root ball. Then slide the container off of the root ball.

Step 5

Place the root ball in the center of the planting hole. Fill in the sides of the planting hole with soil and barely cover the rootball. The topmost roots of your green ash tree should be covered by no more than an inch or two of dirt.

Step 6

Build a ring of dirt four inches high around the edge of the planting hole. Place mulch in the inside of the circle of dirt, not allowing the mulch to touch the trunk of the tree.

Step 7

Water the tree every day with one quart of water for a week. Then reduce the watering schedule to two quarts of water every other day. After the second week, reduce the watering schedule to three quarts of water every third day. After the third week, reduce the schedule for watering to once a week only if the tree needs water.

Things You'll Need

  • Green ash tree
  • Shovel
  • Mulch
  • Garden hose


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