How to Divide & Transplant Hostas


Hostas, a hardy perennial, are often grown by home gardeners because of not only their hardiness, but their beauty. They can be grown in shade or sun and tend to thrive to either condition. Hostas are easily found in most garden centers and nurseries. Hosta plants take from four to eight years to mature. Once they mature or often within five years, they can be divided. Plants will have grown two to three times their original size--this signifies they are ready for transplanting.

Step 1

Rake a 1-inch layer of compost into the soil surrounding the existing Hosta plants and the area in which you intend to plant the transplants.

Step 2

Spray the Hosta plants you plan to divide with water. Spray a gentle stream of water from a hose until the plant and the surrounding soil is completely saturated.

Step 3

Dig an 8-inch-deep hole with a shovel. Dig the hole as wide as you plan to cut the Hosta transplant.

Step 4

Push the shovel into the ground 2 to 3 inches from the Hosta plant. Continue moving the shovel around the perimeter of the plant--work in a circular motion, digging to a depth of 8 inches or until you reach below the roots of the plant.

Step 5

Lift the Hosta plant from the ground when it starts releasing from the soil. The root ball should remain connected to the plant.

Step 6

Cut through the roots of the Hosta plant with a shovel. Push the shovel from the top of the plant down through the roots. Repeat cutting through the roots in different sections to create two to four new plantings. Each plant should be strong and appear to have healthy roots.

Step 7

Place each new Hosta planting in one of the pre-dug holes. Pack soil firmly around each transplant.

Step 8

Replace the original Hosta plant in its hole. Pack soil firmly around it.

Step 9

Spray the Hosta plant and its transplants gently with a slow stream from a hose. The plants are watered sufficiently when the soil around them is completely saturated.

Things You'll Need

  • Compost
  • Rake
  • Shovel


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