How to Get Rid of Vinca Minor


Vinca minor, commonly known as periwinkle, is an evergreen ground cover that's popular for its hardy nature and pastel blue, purple, red or white flowers. Each plant can spread up to 3 feet in diameter. Though it's usually a desirable ornamental, the plant's vigorous growth can sometimes make it an invasive weed. A combination of manual and chemical control strategies can help rid your landscape of the plant.

Step 1

Dig out the Vinca minor. The plants create relatively shallow root networks, making manual removal feasible in most situations. Locate the center of the plant and use a spade to loosen the soil. Grab the plant at its base and pull it upward to uproot it.

Step 2

Mow down the Vinca minor as an alternative to digging out each plant. This is ideal for larger patches of the ground cover. Repeatedly mowing the plant to the ground with either a lawn mower or weed eater will eventually starve the plant and kill it.

Step 3

Spray the Vinca minor with a glyphosate-based herbicide, available from nurseries and garden stores. This is best for very expansive patches of the ground cover, as well as for homeowners who don't want to spend time digging or mowing. Mist an even coat of glyphosate on all of the plants' exposed surfaces. The Vinca minor will die within 10 to 14 days.

Tips and Warnings

  • Glyphosate, commonly known by commercial names such as Rodeo or Roundup, is a systemic herbicide. It will get rid of all vegetation, not just the Vinca minor. Avoid spraying the chemical on plants that you wish to keep.

Things You'll Need

  • Spade
  • Lawn mower or weed eater
  • Glyphosate-based herbicide


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