How to Remove the Spool on a Toro Cordless Trimmer


Removing the spool from a Toro cordless trimmer is not difficult, however care must be taken to remove the spool properly. Since you cannot remove the power source from the trimmer, you want to be sure that curious hands are not around. Removing the spool will require no tools because the pieces simply snap on and off. You can purchase a new spool of trimmer line for your Toro at home improvement centers.

Step 1

Lay the trimmer on its side on a flat work surface such a work bench. Keep the handle clear of any obstructions.

Step 2

Press the plastic tabs on each side of the spool cap with your fingers and pull the spool cap away from the spool and trimmer.

Step 3

Grasp the spool inside the trimmer head housing with your fingertips and pull the spool out of the housing. There is a spring between the housing and the spool. Pull the spring out and set it aside until you are ready to replace the spool.


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