How to Plant Tropical House Palms


Palm trees make great house plants. The kentia, bamboo and lady palms are the most popular tropical house palms because they do very well indoors. However, many other varieties of palm grow well indoors too. Palm trees grow slowly and are quite easy to care for, which makes them particularly well-suited to life in a container. Plant them in nutritious soil, give them adequate room to grow and full sunlight ,and they will enjoy a long and happy life in your home.

Step 1

Fill a pot halfway with a quality potting soil. (Soil specifically prescribed for use on palms is best.) The house palm's new pot should be roughly twice the size of the house palm's temporary nursery container.

Step 2

Carefully remove the palm tree from its temporary nursery container. The best way to do this is to press on the sides of the container to loosen the soil. Then tip the container on its side, grab the palm at the base of its trunk and slide it out of the container. If the palm won't come out easily, you may have to cut the container away. Do not force the palm.

Step 3

Loosen the palm's roots by gently pulling them away from the root ball with your hands.

Step 4

Set the palm in the pot carefully so that you do not damage its roots. The top of the palm's root ball should be 1 inch below the rim of the pot. If not, adjust the level of the underlying soil.

Step 5

Fill the pot the rest of the way with potting soil so that no more than 1 inch of soil covers the palm tree's root ball. Pat the soil down with your hands.

Step 6

Water the house palm tree so that the soil is moist but not soaking. Continue to keep the palm's soil moist as it grows.

Step 7

Place the potted palm where it is exposed to the brightest available light for most of the day.

Things You'll Need

  • Palm potting soil
  • Pot


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