How to Kill Bermuda in Centipede Grass


Bermuda grass, also known as sports turf grass, is a warm-climate grass that grows throughout the southern United States. Because Bermuda grass grows rapidly, it is considered high maintenance and is less desirable for landscaping purposes than slow-growth, lower maintenance grass such as centipede grass. Eliminating Bermuda grass from your centipede grass lawn is a simple process that can be accomplished within a couple of weeks.

Step 1

Hand-pull patches of Bermuda grass from your centipede grass lawn.

Step 2

Place Bermuda grass into plastic trash bag or compost bin. Continue hand pulling Bermuda grass patches until they are of an even height (no higher than 5 inches). An even height helps ensure that the grass may be killed easily when newspaper is spread over the Bermuda grass.

Step 3

Spread old newspaper over the Bermuda grass you wish to eliminate and weigh down the newspaper with bricks or heavy weights.

Step 4

Leave newspaper and weights in place for two weeks.

Step 5

When removing the newspaper, spot check the grass to ensure no new Bermuda grass has grown. Hand pull any new growth and continue to spot check the affected areas on a weekly basis.

Things You'll Need

  • Gardening gloves
  • Gardener's mask
  • Trash bags or compost bin
  • Old newspaper
  • Bricks (or heavy weight)


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