How to Put New Sod on a Lawn


Laying sod is like giving your yard an instant makeover. In a matter of hours, you have a green, weed-free lawn that looks so inviting. And although sod is a quicker alternative to waiting weeks and weeks for grass seed to grow, it does require special care. Your sod will quickly wither and die if you don't lay it properly and water it daily. Once it takes root, though, you'll have a thick, green grass to enjoy.

Step 1

Remove rocks, sticks and other debris from the area where you will be laying the sod. Make sure the site is as free as debris as possible so the sod can more easily take root.

Step 2

Rake the area to loosen the top layer of soil and then roll it with a lawn roller to make it as flat and even as possible.

Step 3

Water the prepared soil lightly so it is moist, but not saturated with water.

Step 4

Lay out the first row of sod in a straight line. It's best to start along a sidewalk or building so you have a straight line to follow. Each strip of sod is generally 5 to 9 feet long. Within the row, strip ends should be laid as right up against each other.

Step 5

Lay the second strip of sod so the long edge of the second row strips abut the first strip as closely as possible. Stagger the joints between the strips so the ends of strips are never next to each other from one row to the next. The end of each row should fall in the middle of the strips on each side--in a brick-like pattern.

Step 6

Fill in any gaps and holes between the strips with potting soil, making sure the soil is level with the top of the soil.

Step 7

Roll the newly laid sod with a lawn roller so it makes contact with the soil and can begin to take root.

Step 8

Water the sod with a hose or sprinkler. Watering sod is the most important element in getting it to take root and grow. New sod will have to be watered every day for up to six weeks after it is laid.

Things You'll Need

  • Rake
  • Lawn roller
  • Water
  • Potting soil


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