What Plants Can Be Grown Upside Down Besides Tomatoes & Cucumbers?

Growing plants upside down is a great way to save space in your garden or to garden in a place with limited space, like an apartment or condo. While tomatoes and cucumbers are the plants most commonly grown upside down, there are several other options for upside-down gardening.


Eggplant makes a good garden companion to both tomatoes and cucumbers. Choose an Asian variety or one with smaller fruit as the larger eggplant might be too heavy to grow upside down.


From hot peppers to bell peppers, pepper plants come in many varieties. Pepper plants are closely to tomato plants, so it is not surprising that they also grow well upside down. Any variety of pepper can be grown upside down, from hot to mild and small to large.


Any variety of bean will grow well upside down, from pole beans to bush beans.


Since peas grow strung up like pole beans, they too grow well hanging upside down. From sweet peas to snap peas, any variety of pea will grow well in your upside-down garden.

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